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Roots Football

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Roots Football APP is a simple way to communicate between manager and player or between manager and parent of players under 18. Simply let everyone involved know where and when the next game or training session is and if it is on or off (no more turning up at deserted pitches yelling 'why didn't someone let me know it's off'). Roots is designed to be simple and easy to use, you won't find endless fixtures lists, player stats, long winded match reports and unnecessary player development features we simply want everyone of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing the beautiful game and who knows where it will take us. It only take seconds to set up your Roots account.
Roots Football App - Let's make playing football enjoyable, fun and simple. We are not talking about academy's, child star and getting spotted, we are talking real grassroots, we want everyone of all abilities to enjoy our wonderful game and who knows where it will take us, if the next Beckham, Rooney or Gerrard comes out of it that's great! If thousands more people of all ages get to enjoy the game with no worries over ability, stats or performance data that's job done! It's as simple as pullovers for goal post and lets have a kick about.
Roots Football App is not... a complicated team website, tricky to moderate social media page or confusing blog, you won't find endless fixtures lists, stats and long winded match reports and dull registration documents here. Roots Football App is a quick and easy way to safely communicate between manager, player, parents and grandparents where and when the next match or training session is, what the weather will be and maybe who was last weeks man of the match.
Players and parents (of under 18s) can simply change availability and get the information on just the next game or training session and the match day weather, good for the players, even better for the parents and grandparents supporting.
If your a player under 18 or a grandparent then don't worry, you can have your own safe tailored version of Roots on your phone too. With all contact and availability details taken care of in parents account. So come on, get involved or even better get playing, let's get the game on.
Roots - Giving something back to grassroots football